La Castellina, Castellina in Chianti, Siena, Toscana
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Chianti Classico

Tommaso Bojola

Tommaso Bojola

80% Sangiovese  20% Merlot

Cru of elegance and softness accentuated by a late harvest of the grapes. Notes of overripe fruit, oak and vanilla due to 12 months aging in barrique.

Squarcialupi Riserva

Squarcialupi Riserva

90% Sangiovese  5% Merlot  5% Cabernet Sauvignon

Blend with a perfect balance between body and acidity. Intense notes of berries, black pepper and licorice acquired during 18 months aging in large barrel and barrique.



Squarcialupi is the traditional Chianti Classico line of the Farm, aimed at the production of wines that express the typicality of the Sangiovese grape and the territory, limiting the use of complementary varieties. The Vintage and the Riserva have been produced since the first harvest of the 90s and through time, they have been defined in blends and sensorial characteristics. The line was finally completed with the production of the Gran Selezione, starting from 2011. The line takes its name from the Squarcialupi Palace (XVsec), located in the center of Castellina in Chianti, where are situated the historical aging cellar, the wine shop, the hotel and the restaurant. 


95% Sangiovese 5%Colorino

Expression of Chianti tradition: good structure, with notes of red fruits and a slight spiciness, acquired during 12 months aging in large barrels.



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La Castellina
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53011 Castellina in Chianti, Siena, Italy

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Fattoria La Castellina di Tommaso Bojola
Loc. Ferrozzola 1,
53011 Castellina In Chianti (SI), Italy
VAT 00879410520
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