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Cosimo Bojola

Amphora - Winemaking

Abstract from the Experimental Thesis of Cosimo Bojola - Degree course in Viticulture and Oenology, A.A. 2017/2018 - Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Florence


The vinification of Sangiovese grapes was tested in a stainless steel tank and in terracotta amphorae, capable of micro-oxygenating and releasing mineral elements into the wine.

The local clays do not release unwanted substances and are fired for more than 70 hours at 1000°C to obtain a slightly porous terracotta, which guarantees reduced gas exchanges.

Terracotta releases mineral elements that favor the oxidation of wine components, in the presence of oxygen permeated by the pores of the container: without the right wine-making technique, the wine undergoes accelerated aging, with the decrease of aromas, polyphenols and structure.

The grapes were fermented in jars of 8 hectoliters and the refinement of the wine took place for 11 months with skins, seeds and yeast lysates, which prevent excessive oxidation.

The natural micro-oxygenation of terracotta enhanced the varietal aromas of flowers and fruits, eliminating the most astringent and bitter tannins, resulting in a great softness in the mouth.

The University's Panel characterized the wine from the steel tank as more herbaceous and astringent, while the wine in Amphora stood out for its intense floral aromas, pleasent freshness and persistent minerality on the palate.

Cosimo Bojola



100% Sangiovese

Selection of Sangiovese macerated 11 months in terracotta Amphora from Impruneta. Fresh, mineral, round, with intense floral notes and aromas of red fruits and laurel.

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