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Extra virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin Olive Oil

Productive process:
The olives are picked by hand and transported in crates to the mill, where cold mechanical pressing takes place. The oil is then stored in stainless steel tanks, to be packaged throughout the year, to keep its organoleptic characteristics unchanged for a long time.

Organoleptic examination:
Fruity, green, slightly spicy in the months following the squeezing. Particularly suitable for cold use, in the preparation of salads and to flavor any dish.

Harvesting and pressing: the olives are harvested manually, stored in boxes and brought to the mill within 24 hours from the harvest.

The oil is obtained by cold extraction (28 C) and has a final acidity that ranges from 0.3 to 0.5%. Filtration is not carried out to maintain all the oil fragrance. It will rest in stainless-steel tanks for 10 days approximately to allow deposition, and is then released for consumption.

It is bottled gradually, in small quantities every day, in order to preserve its sensorial characteristics.

Sensorial evaluation: fruity but delicate, slightly spicy during two months after the pressing. Intense, particularly suitable to be used cold, either in salads and to be added raw in any prepared dish.

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